Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drug Abuse - Much More Common Than We Might Believe

In this country the term "drug abuse" is a very often misused term. When you hear or read the term "drug abuse", what pops into your mind? Things like cocaine, heroine methamphetamines, marijuana, and crack, right? And you think of completely out of touch 'junkies' living on the streets, selling whatever they can for money, right? Or, at least the types of drugs listed here to be the 'real' drugs, right? These are the drugs that people abuse, right?

Drug abuse in the form of alcohol, nicotine, and prescription drugs is actually much more prevalent in our culture, but no one wants to talk about that. If you have a six pack in the comfort of your own home, you don't abuse drugs, right? If you smoke cigarettes, while disgusting, you're not thought of as a drug abuser are you? If you take a pill everyday, that a doctor told you that you could take, and that pill alters your 'reality' somehow, is that drug abuse?

No none of these things are considered 'drug abuse', but the reality is that they all are. Alcohol, nicotine, and prescription drugs are all just what this article is about...drugs. And if you practice any of them everyday or use them to alter your reality at all, you abuse drugs, its as simple as that. Many people don't want to admit to this, but it is the truth. When I used to smoke, I would say that I'm no different from someone who uses cocaine on a regular basis. The fact was that I abused drugs.

I obviously abused nicotine because I smoked every hour of so. I abused alcohol because I drank beer everyday. I was as much of a drug abuser as the guy who uses heroine everyday. That's the cold hard truth that most people don't want to face up to. Then when I quit both practices, and my head finally cleared up, I realized that I was engaging in both practices to escape reality in some small way. I used to say things like, "a cigarette relaxes me." Through quitting, I realized that this was a lie. And the exact same thing was true with alcohol.