Friday, December 9, 2011

Economist Dr. Martin Weitzman views on an Shared Economy

In 1984 an Economist named Martin Weitzman wrote what sould have been a world changing essay called The Shared Economy.In it Weitzman describes an economic utopia that was to be the innovative corporate structure of the 1990s. Weitzman feels that recession maybe is inevitable but that their most tragic consequence unemployment did not have to be as Weitzman states.

Meaning the layoff that came with recessions occurred because wages tended to be sticky.However I ask is are Weitzman ideas based on French socialism or Euro commuism I do not know or an concept of an co operative bussiness whereas the workers own the Company they work for hummm food for thought.Subsequently most Companies could not persuade their workers to accept lower wages in badtimes

.Unable to trim parolls companies instead laid off workers.Weitzmans feel that instead of laying someone off in bad times most companies should shared their employees hours with other employees and have their employees have top stock options during these hard time and hire more employees also to boot.Therefore for more of an decade Weitzmans ideas were hailed as brilliant by his profession However it was ingored by the wider world suddenly a more rational structure emerged in which workers had an stake in their enterprises which gained popular acceptance and now just as suddenly it is thought to be discredited why?
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Look the recession of 2008 which brought about unemployement to 9% highs forcing a lot of layoffs,some feel that the Obama adminstration should pick up on Weitzmans ideas by adding stock options to employees durning down times,having 32 hours a week and hour more employees in the process instead of 40hrs at down times.Walmart and Mcdonalds most follow this concept in hiring and promoting.........

Yes could the corporate structure be controlled according to Weitzman maybe by the Government or an socialistic mandate all the above.Look according to Weitzman it could benefit the corporation by hiring more unemployed and it could benefit many groups also the disabled the Veterans from the middle East who are returning home andwere part of the Vietnam war. If you think about it Weitzman ideas could be very interesting and may make the United States an workable society in the Gobal economy hummm food for thought I say....

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