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Top universities in the world

A wide number of students are working hard to be accepted in the top universities in the world, and being accepted to study in Universities as Cambridge, Yale and Harvard. Only the elite students, highly intelligent and comprehensible, who can afford to pay the high annual rates and living cost can afford to join such university.
Harvard University, located in the United States, established in 1636 Harvard was named for its first benefactor, John Harvard of Charlestown.
Harvard is the Oldest University in Usa, and through its collective efforts the University is an excellent place to work, to live and to explore, the students being continuously challenged and inspired to reach their maximum values and to do their best work.
University of Cambridge, located in the United Kingdom, it is entitled as the best university in the world, with annual fees differing between domestic fees and international fees varying between 16000 £ and 24000£. Famous for the elite teachers and methodology, University of Cambridge is for sure the place millions of pupils dream to join.
Oxford is one of the top universities in the world, located in the United Kingdom, the leader in creating jobs, skills, wealth and innovation for the 21st century.

niversity of California, Berkeley is one of the top universities worldwide, followed by Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo situated in Japan. On top 20 universities are Princeton University, Yale University, NationalUniversity of Singapore, University of Toronto, situated in Canada, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Imperial College London, The University of Melbourne, Cornell University situated in USA, PekingUniversity situated in China, Kyoto University situated in Japan, and Australian National University situated in Australia. In top Universities in the world ranking by international faculty are United Arab Emirates University, King Fahd Universityof Petroleum and Minerals, situated in Saudi Arabia, established by Royal Decree in 1963, and was established in order to promote leadership in the Saudi Arabia's petroleum and mineral industries. The list of top universities ranking by international faculty continues with Ecole Polytechnique Fderale de Lausanne, situated in Switzerland, with nearly 10000 people-students, professors, scientists and administrative staff, the University has evolved in one of the top institutions attracting some of the best intellects in the world. ESCP Europe is an institution situated in France, with campuses in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Turin, is the oldest business school in Europe, with 125 outstanding faculty members who have trained generations of business leaders and 30,000 ESCP Europe alumni work in high level management positions worldwide.

University of Otago situated in New Zealand is the first New Zealand'sUniversity, founded in 1869, offers to its students a proper environment, with a network of over 60, 000 graduates, being able to attract first rate academics.
Unfortunately not everybody has the possibility to attempt the top Universities in the world, and for the busy people or people with a modest income who are willing to obtain a degree to further their education and chances to obtain a higher paid job, one good option is to attempt to online classes, offering an inexpensive alternative to campus Universities, where even the most busy person can obtain an accredited degree.
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Online Universities are controversial, people often complaining about the online courses as being less informative comparing with the real classes. Sometimes, there is no other opportunity than attempting to an online university, and if you are in search for , is a best way to get a degree studying from home, internet café or any other place. The online classes offer the possibility to study anytime and anywhere, and it is the best choice for people of all ages, who have a busy program.
Nowadays the internet offers us multiple choices, depending on our possibilities and time. Both students and teachers have benefits from the online courses, as there is a better approach and communication, an easy way to access the lessons at any time.
Choosing an online college is quite difficult as you have to be sure that your degree will be considered and the college is accredited.
Kaplan University is offers a huge selection of accredited online bachelor and master degree programs. The students have the benefit to turn in assignments at any time. Kaplan University has 10 campuses nationwide and online, Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission and is a current member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

University of Phoenix, founded in 1976 by Dr John Sperling, with over 200 campuses nationwide and online, makes achieving your goals affordable, easy and accessible, if you are looking to begin higher your education or to advance your career.
Walden University is a leader in online higher education, offering a wide selection of online programs, including bachelor, master, and doctorate level degrees. Offering over 60 master degrees and 4 doctorate degrees, Walden is considered one of the best online resources, easy accessible and professional online courses with elite teachers.
Liberty University is a competitive online University, offering challenging courses interactive programs with flexible analogy, designed to satisfy the needs of the pupils and to create a very flexible, easy to attempt and competitive classes. The teachers working at LibertyUniversity do their best to offer the right information, so that the students understand, accumulate and improve the information needed.
Ashton University presents an alternative offer to campus courses through the almost 200 degree programs it offers. The courses are easy accessible at any time from any place and it is easier to achieve the degree comparing with other Universities.
DeVry University is a popular name between the attendants of the online resources, one of the most popular online universities, with top educated teachers awarded in multiple domains, the University is affordable, the experience is satisfactory, the teachers and pupils enjoy a close relationship and a friendly, intellectual environment.
Strayer University is one of the largest providers in online campus and education. It is a reputableUniversity who serve students and help them to reach their goals, to improve their knowledge at a global educational level.
Attempting to an online college or university is now the easiest affordable and inexpensive way to complete your studies, to higher your education for a higher degree, to achieve a personal ideal and to learn when you don't have the time and the possibility to attempt to University.

For the lovers of art, who want to improve their artistic work but also for the ones who want to attempt to an Academy of Art, to achieve degree in art and to create a professional career as an artist, the best choice is to attempt to an Academy of art University online, where art lovers can improve their skills. Academy of Art University is one of the beast places to attempt your classes full time or part time, at any time desired, and they offer an online Award of Completion program for the ones who wish to achieve higher levels of degree. The online program has been ambitious from the beginning offering both BFA and MFA degrees, and is one the fastest growing university in the world, offering new programs in Multimedia Communications and Game design.
Domestic students who want to apply for degree program within Academy of Art University online will need a proof of high school graduation (diploma or GED/CHSPE), and to apply for Master of Fine Arts(MFA) you will need a proof of graduation from a Bachelor's program, or a college transcript, a portfolio representing the student's work, a letter of intent that explains the reasons why the participant wants to apply for the MFA program and a resume and letters of recommendation.
Academy of Art University online is the easiest way to achieve a degree in fine arts, to improve your art work and to gain experience as an artist through the artist's community. Thousands of attendants of an online academy of art are satisfied with their achievements.
One other Art University who offers an online program is the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, a private institute located in Pennsylvania, offering programs for design education and creative job market, founded in 1921.

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