Monday, December 27, 2010

What are the Different Kinds of MBA Programs in California?

If you wish for greater job opportunities in business management, you must be able to prove that you deserve such rewarding opportunities by enhancing your credentials. You can start by enrolling in any university in California that offers MBA programs. You can choose any of the following kinds of MBA programs, namely: part-time, two-year, executive, accelerated, and dual.

Part-time This MBA program is recommended to students with numerous responsibilities other than studying. As long as the student is willing to continue and finish graduate studies, the university will allow the student to take courses during weekends or in the evening. Courses taken every semester are fewer compared to regular MBA programs. The only disadvantage of part-time MBA program is that, it usually takes longer period for a student to graduate.

Two-Year This is the most popular type of MBA program. A regular, two-year MBA program can be taken within 18 months, or 1.5 academic years. Courses can be taken online or on campus depending on the preference of the student. Two-year MBA programs are usually full-time, but learning can be based on your own pace. Universities offering two-year MBA programs accept students from various backgrounds and allow them to customize their coursework through electives and major study.
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Executive Individuals who want a change in their career are encouraged to enroll in an executive MBA California universities have to offer. This type of MBA offers advanced core courses that can be taken without causing any disruption in the students' profession. Courses in Executive MBA programs can be taken at the students' own pace and can be completed in two years or even less. This way, students can readily apply what they have learned to their current jobs.

Accelerated Also known as one-year MBA, accelerated MBA programs can be taken within twelve to eighteen months, depending on the student's aptitude and academic performance. This type of MBA programs California universities offer involve intensive class schedules and greater academic units per semester. Prospective students who have advanced knowledge in management are encouraged to enroll in accelerated MBA programs.

Dual This type of MBA program is also referred by students as Joint MBA program. Students taking dual MBA program can take any of the offered master degree programs in California universities while taking MBA program. For example, a student can pursue a law degree while taking MBA courses at the same graduate school. Dual MBA programs usually take between four and five years before students can graduate.

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